tech fairEnter the WJMS Technology Fair to compete in one of several categories listed below. Winners will advance to the Bulloch County Regional Technology Fair on January 31st. Complete the Project Submission Form to enter(return completed forms to Mrs. Borck). The deadline is Wednesday, November 19th. See Mrs. Borck for project ideas and questions.


  • 3D Modeling
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Animated Graphic Design
  • Non-Animated Graphic Design
  • Case Modification
  • Non-Multimedia Applications
  • Digital Photography
  • Project Programming
  • Digital Video Production
  • Robotics
  • Web 2.0 Internet Applications
  • Individual & Team Programming Challenge
  • Hardware
  • Game Design
  • Mobile Apps

For more details, please visit the county’s Tech Fair website at


Happy Halloween 2014

Pumpkin Contest (1)Students loved our pumpkin candy corn contest last year so we decided to bring it back! So far students have made tons of guesses. Stayed tuned to see who wins this year!

Halloween Links:
Lesson Plans
Science Projects

collageHalloween falls on a Friday this year…trick or treat! Enjoy some highlights from this year’s decorations.

5At our September meeting, Book Club members met to receive their first book of the year. As usual, students had to figure out the title before they could receive the book. For this meeting, members divided into teams. Each team used an iPad to scan QR codes placed around the library for clues. Once they figured it out, each clue revealed a letter that made up the one-word title of their book. Students had to use the library catalog and Internet searches to help. After revealing that they would be reading Haunters by Thomas Taylor, students watched the book trailer and I read the first few pages of the book to them. I hope they enjoy it!


Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 28th and I have a HUGE surprise for the students. More details coming soon.


Banned Books Week 2014

IMG_0478Banned Books Week was September 21st through 27th. To celebrate our freedom to read, we had a display setup in the front of the media center for the event. Students loved our mug shots of students and teachers “caught” reading banned books. They wanted to know why I burned some books too! One student asked if they were so bad I had to burn them. The best questions of all came about as a result of seeing some old favorites on the banned books list.  The question, “Why did they ban this book, Mrs. Borck?” led to some great discussions. “Why would anybody ban Where’s Waldo, Mrs. Borck?” Why indeed!


Love Books!

credit: http://img1.stylowi.pl//images/items/xs/201403/stylowi_pl_podroze-i-miejsca_google-_20285447.gif


What’s Your Fiction Genre?

genresThis past year, I decided to separate fiction into genres(Genrefication of Fiction) to help make it easier for students to find books they were interested in reading. I also promised students I would have a quiz they could take to determine the genres that best fit their personality. The Fiction Genre Quiz is finally done and ready for students. There is no scientific basis for the quiz ; it’s just for fun. Hopefully it will give students a starting place when searching for a good book. Huge thanks to www.readerpants.net for sharing her quiz so I could edit with our genres.

boardWith school back in full swing, it was time to change our back to school bulletin board with something more current. With Instagram favored by teens over Facebook and Twitter as their most important social networking tool, it was the perfect choice for our theme. Visiting classrooms around the school allowed me to take pictures of students and faculty going about the daily life of school here at WJMS. I created wjmsknights as our faux Instagram account and added applicable hashtags to go with the images. Inserting each image into an Instagram template found online, made them look much more authentic. I also included some infographics found online which show how powerful Instagram can be as a tool for social networking. Since the kids have seen me around the building taking pictures, they have been drawn to the new board to see which images I posted. I plan to keep this board up through the spring while changing out the pictures of WJMS events throughout the year.


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