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coversI’m excited about my current collaboration with our art teacher. Mrs. Horton schedules an evening Art Showcase at the end of each year to feature artwork produced by her students. This year she asked if I had any ideas about including the media center and others in the building. After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with students drawing album covers to include our band teacher (the band will also perform at the showcase) and students drawing book covers to include me. I pulled tons of books from the shelves and from online to show students some great fiction, non-fiction, and biography covers for ideas. Mrs. Horton brought her classes to the library for me to show the books and to help the kids search the shelves as well as online for the perfect book cover to draw.  Based on the book covers they have found to draw, there should be some awesome projects at the Art Showcase.  The media center will open it’s doors May 9th to display some of this fabulous art that our students have produced. I can’t wait!


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This past week I had the privilege of working with pre-service teachers at Georgia Southern University through The Digital Wave project. I met with a group of 15 students one evening to show methods for incorporating Web 2.0 tools in the classroom through collaboration with a library media specialist. I showed the group how to use ten Web 2.0 tools and then suggested lessons for incorporating them in the classroom in different subject areas.  Out of those shown, I had the most interest and questions on lessons teaching media literacy using Fotoflexer. Students were challenged to figure out if selected photos were edited. They discovered how difficult it can be to spot an edited image. It is a lesson my middle school students also enjoy but one that is very important to learn how easy media can be manipulated.  The group also enjoyed creating the animated movie Kitty Gets Scared using Kerpoof. Owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company, Kerpoof is very easy to use and also includes Tell a Story in which students can create their own stories based on a theme. The GSU students were great to work with and had wonderful questions for me. The workshop was an awesome experience and I can’t thank Dr. Lucy Green enough for inviting me. All the resources and lesson suggestions can be found on the Presentations page on my blog.

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Last week I had the honor of creating a guest post on Richard Byrne’s blog Free Technology for Teachers. In thinking about a topic, I decided to go with Web 2.0 collaborations. I wrote about some of the projects incorporating Web 2.0 that I’ve worked on with teachers and their classes. Some were projects from this year(food webs with Cacoo) and others were from several years ago(webpages with Weebly). It was a wonderful experience to share with other professionals in the educational field as a guest blogger(I have communicated with several who had questions). An added bonus was finding out my post was one of the most popular posts for the week with 100 reactions! I would definitely enjoy doing this again. Huge thanks to Richard for the opportunity.

Web 2.0 Collaborative Projects in the Middle School

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