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Mrs. Anderson brought her students in this week for a lesson on some of the advanced features of PowerPoint. Some of the tools they learned about

  • how to search for pictures on the web to use as background images on their slides and include citation information
  • using the picture toolbar to crop images and “dress up” their pictures
  • adding fill color and transparency to text boxes so text is easily seen
  • adding Custom Animations such as drawing a motion path for pictures and text boxes to add emphasis
  • finding background sounds to add to the presentation
  • adding voice narration to slides

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staffdev-imageThis year I am offering a technology course for faculty and staff to earn one PLU credit.  I took a survey to determine the topics of interest and developed a course to meet after school ten times during the year for a hour.  Topics for the class include using United Streaming and YouTube in the classroom, creating a blog, podcasting, basic and/or advanced features of  PowerPoint, advanced features of FirstClass, digital photo editing using GIMP, and using Photo Story 3.  If you are interested in taking the class, make sure to sign up through MyPDC by the deadline of August 10th.  Dates and times can be found on page two of the attachment below.

Course Info

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PowerPoint Basics

Prince's classI worked with Mrs. Prince’s classes to teach students the basics of Microsoft’s PowerPoint.   The classes used the information to create their own slideshow.  The PowerPoint lesson is below.

Powerpoint Basics

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