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genresWith over 10,000 fiction books to choose from, it’s sometimes overwhelming for students to find just the right book. To make this process easier, I’ve divided the fiction section by genre. Our books are divided into Sports Fiction, Graphic Novels, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. To figure out which genre best matches a student, I developed a short quiz to help narrow down areas of interest. The Fiction Genre Quiz has no scientific basis; it’s just for fun. Hopefully it will give students a starting place when searching for a good book. Huge thanks to http://www.readerpants.net for sharing her quiz so I could edit with our genres.


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Genrefication of Fiction

genreI’ve been thinking about reclassifying books in fiction according to genre since our local high school took on the project. Kids frequently ask questions such as, “Where are the scary books?”, or “Where are the sports books in fiction?” I want to help kids find books they are most interested in reading and with close to 7,000 books in our fiction section, it just makes sense to subdivide.

After much research online of school and public libraries who have taken on the project, I decided to go for it this year. I debated on adding non-fiction to the reclassification project. I considered placing historical fiction by historical non-fiction and science fiction by non-fiction science books. In the end, I decided to divide fiction first to see how it worked with the kids. I chose Adventure, Picture Books, Fantasy, Historical, Sports, Science, Mystery, Realistic, Graphic Novels, and Horror as my subdivisions. I decided against changing out the spine labels and went with adding colored paper tape from Demco for each. I chose the tape dispenser from the Library Store. After the sections are done, I will batch process the books in the library catalog to add the genre to the call number(For example: Adv F Avi or Sci F Whi). This will help students searching the library catalog to find the books in the subdivided sections in the library easier.

So far I’ve completed around 25% of the collection and I’ve already seen big difference. Kids are finding books a bit easier now and are starting to go to the areas they are most interested in reading from. I’m also starting to see areas of the collection which need more titles. It is a slow process and I don’t know if I will get finished before the end of the school year. Overall, I like it and I think it will make a big difference helping kids find great books to read. Does anyone have any suggestions for non-fiction? I’m thinking this may be our project for next year.


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Murder in the library? No, not really….though my new mystery display sure has brought some traffic to the library. Several kids have actually whispered to me, “Who died?” 🙂 We have really enjoyed creating this display of “Who done it?” books. Mysteries by Caroline Cooney, Avi,  Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys have been popular titles. The kids are also enjoying the CSI Forensic Science non-fiction books with titles such as “Gut Eating Bugs: Maggots Reveal the Time of Death!” too. Another favorite has been the Twilight Zone non-fiction series. Stop by the media center and took a look!

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