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coversI’m excited about my current collaboration with our art teacher. Mrs. Horton schedules an evening Art Showcase at the end of each year to feature artwork produced by her students. This year she asked if I had any ideas about including the media center and others in the building. After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with students drawing album covers to include our band teacher (the band will also perform at the showcase) and students drawing book covers to include me. I pulled tons of books from the shelves and from online to show students some great fiction, non-fiction, and biography covers for ideas. Mrs. Horton brought her classes to the library for me to show the books and to help the kids search the shelves as well as online for the perfect book cover to draw.  Based on the book covers they have found to draw, there should be some awesome projects at the Art Showcase.  The media center will open it’s doors May 9th to display some of this fabulous art that our students have produced. I can’t wait!


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Deciding not to reveal presidential candidates by name in our mock election helped to spark some serious debates over the major issues concerning their platforms. I had tons of kids to tell me how much they enjoyed the voting experience including getting their “I Voted” sticker as they left the voting booths. Many teachers also made a point to visit to talk about some of the wonderful discussions going on in their classrooms and as well as those being overheard in the hallway. Huge thanks to social studies teachers for helping to make the event a success!


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Think you know everything about copyright law and avoiding plagiarism? Let’s put it to the test. Take my online quiz so I can see how much you know. WJMS students recently visited the media center for a crash course in copyright law and learned techniques on how to avoid plagiarism.

Copyright Law & Avoiding Plagiarism-PowerPoint


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mountrushmorePresidents Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February and falls this year on the 20th.  Listed below are comprehensive online resources for Presidents Day.  Included in the sites are lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, Webquests, SmartBoard resources, crafts, clip art, research information, digital images, timelines, and much more.


Teacher Vision

Education World

Blackwell’s Best

Teacher’s Guide

Best Teacher Site


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Recently I had one of the 6th grade teams to come in for a workshop on the research process. I reviewed the three electronic forms of information(search engines, databases, and communication tools), provided tips to narrow down search results, gave an overview of Georgia’s GALILEO database, talked about strategies to evaluate the information they find online, defined plagiarism, provided tips to help prevent plagiarism, and discussed the procedure for citing resources. After the lesson, students were to research to find an article on an archaeological dig and print it out. They had to read and take notes on a Who? What? When? Where? form. Finally, students were to use their notes sheet to type a summary of the article in Word.

Research Skills – ppt

Who? What? Where? – doc

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St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17th.  Have you ever wondered why? What about shamrocks?  Why are they used as a symbol of the holiday?  Who was Saint Patrick and what about those leprechauns? Why is this known as the Irish holiday? Featured below are some great websites that will answer those questions and will give the history of this “green” holiday.


St. Patrick’s Day Webquest

BlackDog History

Holiday Spot

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We are living in the age of information and sorting through the volume of data online can be overwhelming for students. This week I am working with Mrs. Lamb’s QUEST class to help them become better researchers. They will be evaluating websites, learning about plagiarism, practicing paraphrasing, and learning correct MLA citations.

Research Skills-PPT

Website Evaluation

Sea Turtles
Google Technology
Fiber Optic Products
First Genetics
AIDS Facts
Dog Island
NASA Spaceflight

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