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Teen Tech Week 2015

1000017182-1We celebrated Teen Tech Week last week with the theme “Libraries Are For Making“. As students visited the library, I showed them how to make LED throwies from LEDs, button batteries, magnets, and duct tape. Once completed, students could throw them at a filing cabinet for storage until the end of the day. Instructions for the project can be found at Instructables.com. Students could also play our version of Angry Birds. We had six bad piggies on a pyramid of boxes. Students could throw a stuffed Angry Bird at the pyramid to try to knock down all bad piggies. The media center also showcased a Technology Museum filled with old video controllers, typewriters, cameras, 8-track tape players and more.

book club - eighth day

The WJMS Book Club met March 12th to receive their third and final book of the year. The group will be reading The Eighth Day by Dianne Salerni, which I was able to find through our last Book Fair. After reading a passage to club members, I announced we would be able to Skype with the author during our next meeting in April. I’m looking forward to revealing the surprise our author has graciously provided for them.

Recycle K’Nex Craft

I had a student to visit the library recently with a pretty unique idea. He had a ton of K’nex pieces and wanted to create something new. Nathan came up with a K’Nex notebook! I thought it was such an awesome idea that I asked him if I could take a picture with his finished product. Love it!

k'nex notebook2k'nex notebook

Book Club met at the end of January to discuss The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die by April Henry. The group really enjoyed the book and contributed some great responses to our discussion questions. The biggest issue for everyone was how unrealistic the relationship Cady had with Ty was. Who helps a potentially mentally ill girl who is running from the police with no proof of innocence!?

After our group discussion, the group was challenged to create a new cover and title for the book. I think they did a great job in creating some pretty creepy covers.

Original Book Cover

COVER EMI Book Club the girl who was supposed to die cover book club (1)

The only thing Cady knows for sure is that someone wants to kill her.

“Take her out back and finish her off,” is one of the first things the 16-year-old hears when she comes to in an isolated cabin in the woods of Oregon. Suffering from amnesia, Cady doesn’t recall anything about her life, including where she’s from, who her family is or even the excruciating pain of having two fingernails torn off. But her body remembers enough martial arts to incapacitate her captor and escape. When she tries to contact the authorities, they believe she is an escaped patient from a local mental hospital. Is she an insane murderer, as news reports suggest? With no place to hide and everyone a potential liar (including herself), Cady races across the state, piecing together clues and scraps of memories, to try to figure out who she is in this thriller with nonstop twists and turns. Her only ally is Ty, a former homeless teen she meets at a brief fast-food stop. The possibility of biological warfare amps up the suspense, while short chapters and Cady’s direct, first-person narration make the Hollywood-blockbuster–like story pulsate. Although rushed, the ending stays true to the mood and consistent pacing of Cady’s plight.

Excellent Book


Candy Heart Contest (1)

Joshua(a 6th grader) won our contest with a guess of 490 hearts. There were 480 candy hearts in the jar.


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