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Our Skype session with M.H. Herlong was wonderful and the kids were fantastic. Since they read the book at the same time, we were able to video conference with Southeast Bulloch Middle School’s Book Club too.  Students were able to ask her questions about The Great, Wide, Sea that the group had wondered about since reading the book. Being able to incorporate technology in the meeting enabled us to get up close and personal with her as well. We even found out about her family and her pets…and got to see the room where she writes! Huge thanks to the author for working with us to make the event happen. I could not sum up the event better than a student’s comment to me after the meeting, “Awesome, Mrs. Borck!” 🙂


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I had a great time with Book Club members using QR codesqrcode as clues to find out the name of our first book. We are reading The Great, Wide, Sea by M.H. Herlong. The kids were excited to find out we would be talking with the author via Skype too! Our next meeting will be Wednesday, November 2nd until 4:30. We will be discussing the book and gathering questions for our author. Our Skype visit with her will be on Wednesday, November 16th.

Soon after their mother’s death, 15-year-old Ben and his two younger brothers are stunned when their father sells their home, buys a sailboat, and announces that they will live on board and cruise the Bahamas for the next year. Wrenched from everything he knows and forced to obey his father-captain’s orders, Ben starts out angry and finds no escape. As he says, “We were always together.” When their father sets a course for Bermuda and disappears overboard one night, the boys have little time to wonder if he jumped or fell before they’re struggling to stay afloat in a fierce Atlantic storm. Lost at sea in a damaged boat, they find their way to an island where they are stranded with little food, little water, and little hope of rescue.

Excellent Book

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