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life as we knew itWhen scientists predict that an asteroid will collide with the moon, Miranda and her neighbors break out their lawn chairs to watch the spectacular show.  But when the collision pushes the moon closer to the Earth, it sets off devastating tsunamis, earthquakes, and storms.  Through her daily journal entries, Miranda recounts her family’s struggle to survive. http://www.nancykeane.com

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lifeThe WJMS Book Club met Thursday afternoon to discuss Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life As We Knew It. The group has been blogging about the book since they received it last month and the general consensus has been they loved it. Since survival is a big part of the book, I challenged the kids to put together a survival kit that would fit in a shoebox. The rationale for the small size was that in the event of an emergency, you may only have time to grab one thing. I then divided the large group into smaller groups to talk about the discussion questions. Since the one item students didn’t like about the book was the ending, I also had students to participate in a poll to predict what happened to Miranda’s family. I showed the students the author’s blog, gave a summary of the companion novel The Dead and the Gone, and talked about the last book in the trilogy coming out in April called This World We Live In. The group was very surprised to learn I had received an email response from the author about her new book. I told the club we may receive an ARC (Advance Reader’s Copy) of her new book before it comes out so that we will be able to find out Miranda’s fate before everyone else. She closed her email with a special hello to the Bookworms. To close the meeting I revealed our next book club selection would be Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements and showed them the book trailer. They are all looking forward to receiving the next novel.


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This World We Live In
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wormThe WJMS Book club met this afternoon from 3:45 until 4:30 in the media center.  Deliberating on several options (The Page Turners, Rowdy Readers, On the Same Page, Novel Noters, etc.), the 30 students in attendance decided to call this group the Book Worms.  We discussed the book club contract and how the club would operate during the year.  Not only will we meet as a group to discuss the books, students will be able to use this blog as a forum for discussion.  This will be especially helpful for those unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts. I talked about two books; one of which will be chosen as our first book.  I began with Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life As We Knew It by giving the kids a summary, showing them the book trailer, and reading a short passage.  They were enjoying the reading so much, you could have heard a pin drop in the room and they were disappointed that I stopped.  The group is really going to like that one.  The other option was Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  The students left the meeting asking when were the books going to be delivered.  I have a wonderful group of kids to work with and it looks like the book club is off to a good start.

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