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Think you know everything about copyright law and avoiding plagiarism? Let’s put it to the test. Take my online quiz so I can see how much you know. WJMS students recently visited the media center for a crash course in copyright law and learned techniques on how to avoid plagiarism.

Copyright Law & Avoiding Plagiarism-PowerPoint



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We are living in the age of information and sorting through the volume of data online can be overwhelming for students. This week I am working with Mrs. Lamb’s QUEST class to help them become better researchers. They will be evaluating websites, learning about plagiarism, practicing paraphrasing, and learning correct MLA citations.

Research Skills-PPT

Website Evaluation

Sea Turtles
Google Technology
Fiber Optic Products
First Genetics
AIDS Facts
Dog Island
NASA Spaceflight

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researchstrategiesI worked with Mrs. Prosser’s classes this month with tips on writing research papers.  I talked to the students about evaluating websites using the CRAAP test and avoiding plagiarism.   The classes practiced paraphrasing and I showed them how to cite their sources.

Writing Research Papers

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Plagiarism & Citations

See the attached Powerpoint for a lesson on plagiarism and creating citations.

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