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sobit1So B. It by Sarah Weeks

After spending her life with her mentally retarded mother and agoraphobic neighbor, twelve-year-old Heidi sets out from Reno, Nevada, to New York to find out who she is.

Very good book

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hillI brought in a paperweight to use as a prop.  It was supposed to be merely a paperweight.  A paperweight I used to tell fortunes at the Halloween Carnival.  Simply a prop while Kyra fed me information via her walkie-talkie and my earphones.  It was all just a lark until Charlie came for his fortune.  But as I’m telling Charlie about going on a cruise to Hawaii it’s as if the paperweight was filling up with smoke.  In the smoke I see Charlie at the top of a flight of steps.  A foot snags his ankle and he pitches down the steps.  It’s just a paperweight.  I can’t tell Charlie he’s going to fall down a flight of steps.  When I look back into the globe, it’s clear.  No smoke, no visions.  I rush Charlie out of the booth and close down for the night.   On Monday Charlie comes to school with a cast on his right arm.  He had fallen down a flight of stairs.  It was just a coincidence.  I couldn’t have predicted it.  But after Eric convinces me to set up a fortune telling business, it happens again, and again.  What sort of force is working through something that should be just a paperweight?  http://www.nancykeane.com

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thegraveyard2009 Newberry Medal Winner

While an assassin stealthily slips from room to room, slaughtering his family, a toddler escapes from his crib, “bottom-bumps” his way down the stairs, and wanders out into the nearby graveyard where a ghost, Mrs. Owens, sensing danger, decides to adopt him. The rest of the ghosts, all from different historical time periods, debate the wisdom of this idea. But when the mysterious visitor, Silas, who can enter into the world and return, agrees to be the boy’s guardian and provider, the ghostly assembly grants the child the freedom of the graveyard.

Good book

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UgliesWhat if everyone automatically became “pretty” when they turned 16?  Scott Westerfeld explores this concept in his book Uglies.  Listen to the booktalk below.

Excellent book

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cureDeviant. Rebellious. Abnormal. The Elders say Gemm 16884 is all these things, and that he is a threat to the utopian society in which he lives. The Elders give him one chance to save himself: He must undergo the mysterious and painful “cure,” or he and his twin sister, Gemma, will be automatically recycled. Gemm chooses “the cure” and finds himself in the year 1348, at the onset of the Black Death. He is now Johannes, sixteen, living in Strasbourg—a town beset by anti-Semitism. Johannes struggles to hold on to his faith and family, his love for Margarite, his passion for music, and his belief in the goodness of human beings. But can the will of one boy change the world?

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spiritbearCole Matthews is an angry, violent young man.  He loves seeing other kids afraid of him.  When a classmate gets Cole angry, Cole beats the boy so severely that he is left with permanent brain damage.  Cole knows he is facing jail this time.  His parents have gotten him out of trouble before but this time he doubts if he’ll go free.  It doesn’t matter.  He is so tough he isn’t afraid of anything.  Cole’s parole officer sees something that others can’t see.  He sees a Cole who can be saved.  He arranges for Cole to face an alternative justice system.  It’s the Native American “Circle Justice”.  Cole goes along with it just to stay out of jail.  When the Circle sentences Cole to live by himself on a remote island in Alaska for one year, Cole laughs at the sentence.  He agrees but he secretly plans his escape from the island.  Will he be able to survive his year in exile?  Will he escape?  Can Cole be saved?  http://www.nancykeane.com

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soldiers-heartSoldiers today acquire post-traumatic stress disorder; during WW II it was called battle fatigue, and in WWI, known as shell shock. In 1861 when fifteen year old Charley Goddard enlisted in the First Minnesota Volunteers, there was no term for this syndrome, but it came to be known colloquially as soldier’s heart. Soldier’s Heart details Charley’s journey from farm lad bent on adventure boarding his first train thinking, “I never, I just never imagined such a thing existed,” to a nineteen year old returning from war, entirely disheartened. www.nancykeane.com

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